Muse and Mate is the first season partner of Rezonance Baroque Ensemble, one of the most exciting classical chamber music groups on Toronto’s classical music scene.

Muse and Mate to be the first Season Partner of Rezonance Baroque Ensemble

Muse and Mate is a brand founded by musicians and for musicians. By and large, our missions is to promote music in our everyday life. The practice journal does this by making practice more effectively and enjoyable for seriously enthusiastic musicians so they can play more beautifully each day.

But there are many ways we can help promote music in our everyday life, and giving back to the music community is one of them that we're really excited about, especially to musicians who put in their heart and soul (and practice!) to bring beautiful music into the lives of everyone around them.

For that reason, we became the first season partner of Rezonance Baroque Ensemble for their 2023-24 concert season as they bring some of the most unique, exciting, and under-appreciated chamber music to Toronto and beyond. In true chamber music fashion, Rezonance's concerts are intimate, accessible and engaging as they lead the audiences through the discovery of music that is less known to today's audience. We're so thrilled to be partnering with this innovative and unique group.

This coming Sunday (October 22) will mark Rezonance's first concert of the season, Encounter in Constantinople, where they will feature music from the complex estuary between European and Ottoman cultures in the Baroque period. When was the last time you had that combo in a classical concert? 

There are a few more exciting concerts scheduled for the season, if you happen to be in Toronto and are looking for unique music performances, check them out!

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