Launching March 24, 2023

The wait is almost over! The Muse and Mate practice journal is launching March 24, 2023. If you haven't already, sign up to our mailing list to get 15% off your first purchase.



Muse and Mate inevitably combines Winter's two passions in life — design and music. 

Having been a designer, researcher, and design leader in the tech industry for over a decade, Winter knows a thing or two about designing great products that make people's lives better—in the case of Muse and Mate, a beautiful practice journal that inspires mindful, intentional, and joyful music practice. Winter founded Muse and Mate while working full-time as a Senior Design Manager at Shopify.

Winter started learning the cello in 2016 and has since been thinking, reading, and experimenting a lot about practice. She's experienced first-hand the progress made by building good practice habits and methods. Winter currently performs with two orchestras, and played in the Toronto Summer Music Festival's community chamber program in 2023.



Amber has taught cello for 24 years and is devoted to creating the most effective, high quality, and joyful learning experience for those who share her love of the cello. She is honing her ability to identify patterns and similarities amongst her students and, by empathizing wholeheartedly with the challenges they face, offer creative solutions to support progress and learning. She brings her insights as an experienced educator and passionate cellist to Muse and Mate. In addition to multiple teaching certifications, Amber holds Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Cello Performance. When she isn’t teaching, she enjoys performing a wide range of styles of music on both acoustic & electric cello, and has played her cello across Canada, Europe, and China with various symphonies and ensembles.