Gentle reminders

Gentle reminders

As an amateur or hobbyists musician (aka the seriously enthusiastic), there can be a number of things that stand between you and your practice. If these are your internal dialog, we have some gentle reminders to rethink your love-hate relationship with your practice.



There's not enough time. There is. You haven't found it. Be seriously enthusiastic.

1. Not enough time

Finding time to practice is hard. How about just a few minutes a day? Consistency matters more than duration. 


My brain is mush after work. Time to play your instrument. Be seriously enthusiastic

2. Not enough energy

Practice doesn't always have to be super hard work. Sometimes you just play.


I will never play like Yo-Yo Ma. Yo-Yo Ma wants to be better too. Be seriously enthusiastic

3. Never good enough

We're taking a wild guess here about Yo-Yo Ma, but it's probably not too far away from the truth. Don't be too hard on yourself - and that's for you too, Yo-Yo Ma. 


There are always 146 etudes to work on. Rome wasn't built in a day. Be seriously enthusiastic.

4. Too much work

The amount of work needed to get better is daunting. There are always more scale, more techniques, more etudes, and more repertoires. You will get there - one step at a time.


I'm stuck on the same bar for 2 months. Even couples need time apart. Be seriously enthusiastic.

5. Not enough progress

Progress is not always a straight line. Sometimes stepping away from something is as important as sticking with it. 

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